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Left, Right, Left, Right, Left...

2010-03-16 21:57:05 by Grargh

I've gotta try and make a dance track. I've never even attempted a dance track. I don't dance. I don't really even listen to very much dance music. I'm going to pick apart an LCD Sound System CD for inspiration and, although they are more cheeky disco-indie-electronic rather than balls out techno, I love the way they incorporate live drum kit sounds with electronic stuff. Techno with live drums. Will that work?

I'm going to make a guitar song once I've stopped bending to the audio portal's will.

Left, Right, Left, Right, Left...


2010-02-25 21:39:07 by Grargh

My songs are all being remixed! They sound like shit! Acknowledge the corn has been revamped now. Bob Locks is next and then probably the Big Celestial Eff which is a bit chainsaw-ey sounding. I'll tone it down a bit soon. Plodding along with 'Sparklers 6700'... It's more complicated than I initially though but I've made massive progress this week and it should be up by the next.


2010-01-27 19:39:09 by Grargh

Hello?? Anybody there??? I'm excited about this one! I'm working on a sort of hybrid electronic track using Famitracker for beats and backing and then adding in live guitar and bass sections. I was inspired and in awe when one of the artists on the Famitracker forum, Abaobao, submitted an electro break-beat thing. I loved it and set about shamelessly ripping him off!

Abaobao 'Family Video Acid (Bomberman Remix)'

You'll need to download FT to hear it but it's worth it if you don't have it already!

I will probably finish the backing track by this weekend and then I'll get to work on the live instruments and I'll have it up here by next week... So far, it's sounding quite cool. Once I'm done with this, I can stop neglecting my band's stuff!